Ghana’s originator of tongue-twisting rap, Quata Budukusu, enjoys performing in Mzansi.

The songwriter, rapper, producer and hip hop artist whose real name is Jacob Etroo, said his love of music began as soon as he could hear and understand it.

Quata was introduced to music by his father, a professional musician who exposed him to different genres.

The rapper said he is inspired by what he hears, sees and instinctively absorbs.

Quata told SunBuzz he translates every sound around him into music.

He is inspired by life in general, as well as his own experiences.

“My sound is always experimental because I am pushing boundaries to create something new but trendy.

“I am influenced by everything I take in to create a special sound. It’s always different, depending on how I’m feeling at the time.”

He said his South African tour has been fruitful so far and he enjoys the reception from his Mzansi fans.

“The tour has been perfect.

“I am shooting videos, doing collaborations, have performed at Cocoon Lounge and have a few clubs lined up, plus the Ghana SA Music Awards.

“We are getting busy.

“I like SA fans because they are an open audience, which enjoys different material from across the world,” he said.

Quata said performing outside Ghana was opening his eyes to new possibilities and ways to embrace other sounds and make them his own.

His current single is called Bionic Body, featuring E7E Music, and he is shooting the video in Mzansi.

He said: “We are trying to collaborate with the entire music world through music.

“So far, I have met and done something with artists like Uhuru, HHP and underground artists. I am also hoping to work with AKA and am keen to work with any artist I come across, big or small.”